The world is moving to a system that is considered more successful in producing desired or intended results. Education is the key to success! We are surrounded by many examples that succinctly account for this fact. This compels parents to scramble and enroll their kids in the best of the best schools. But, is that still enough? While some children thrive comfortably in a crowded classroom with many students, a majority of others need learn more

Help kids develop interest in science

If you ask school students about the subjects they find least interesting, math and science are likely to top the list. The funny thing is, most children develop an interest in chemistry, physics, biology and other sciences long before they learn more

Can physical activity improve academic performance in students

Parents, teachers and medical professionals have always stressed the importance of children going outdoors to play instead of sitting in front of a TV or computer screen. Physically active kids are less likely to be obese later in life, after all. Enough exercise also ensures that they sleep better at night and wake up fresh the next day. There’s one more reason to make sure that your child gets enough physical activity, though. Research shows that learn more

The importance of learning, unlearning, and relearning the essentials for students

Dealing with technology, at one time, would have been difficult for us. But it’s surprising to see the present generation play around with gadgets. They would never understand how communication took place before the onset of the internet and the learn more

Slow learners?

It is hard to accept that your child is a slow learner and not doing too well at school. Parents must stop bench-marking their child as a slow or a fast learner. A slow learner should not define a weak student. No student is weak or bright by birth, it’s the way we feed the knowledge and how learn more

Tips to finding the best after-school online tuition for your kids

Education is mandatory for all, especially students, for they should learn as much as they can to create a successful future ahead. Of course, they all try and learn hard, but when it comes to scoring good grades, not all students learn more

Periodic Table- the key to understand the universe

I was recently discussing with my fellow tutors on what we thought was the most important discovery in our given fields. The math tutor said the number system was the most important discovery in her field, the physics tutor said the discovery of gravity was in his opinion the most important discovery in physics. As each one was discussing what they felt was learn more

International math olympiad: exam pattern syllabus and study tips from MySchoolPage

The International Math Olympiad (IMO) is one of the most anticipated events by many school students in recent times. The first International Math Olympiad was held in Romania in 1959. Ever since, students from all around the world come learn more

Empirical formulae: significance and methods of calculation

I was recently taking a session and one of the students asked the question what is the significance of an Empirical formula and why we use it if it is not the true formula of the compound. This got me thinking as I did not have an off the cuff answer for this question. I made a mental note to explore this question further for the student and learn more

Vedic Maths vs Modern Maths

29 x 67 = 1943 {an average student who knows modern Math can easily solve this in less than 30 second} 495 x 345 = 170775 {an average student who knows vedic Math can also solve this in less than 30 seconds} Mathematics is a primal part of every country’s educational learn more

9 changes in education that you can expect by 2025

Education has existed as a form of transfer of knowledge from the earliest known civilizations. The invention of writing happened approximately 5000 years ago[1] and with it came formal education. Different kinds of educational methods were learn more

Difference between Atoms, Elements, Molecules, Compounds, and Mixtures

What is the difference between an atom and an element? How are molecules different from atoms? I am often asked these questions in my sessions over and over again and so I finally decided to write a comprehensive post on them. Find answers to all your questions in this section that is designed to learn more

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